July 17, 2012

You can cast your vote for The Rising Sun Quest as your favorite Hip Hop artist in Connecticut for this years Grand Band Slam. Click the image above then enter your Email address, name and City then click the red VOTE button. You will be directed to the Ballot page. Just scroll down till you see the Hip Hop category, click on the blue tab next to the text box and then select The Rising sun Quest as your Choice. Scroll to the bottom and click the submit button and your all done! Yea.... they really need to make it a little easier to vote lol. Anyway thanks for the support.

May 30, 2012

The Latest Video from Quest titled "I'll Rhyme Now"

The third music video from a multidisciplinary creative project called "Audiowear", that started with 3D printing and ceramic slip casting musical jewelry at the sundaymorning@ekwc artist residency in the Netherlands. It then evolved into a full length record with 14 original songs that we pressed to vinyl with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The record was celebrated with a concert at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City on 9.22.11 where 10 of the artists performed their songs live. the Museum of Arts & Design [MAD] also acquired the Audiowear pieces for their permanent collection and will show them in two exhibitions in 2012. The work was also shown at exhibitions in Korea, England and New York.

September 18, 2011

Dedicated to My partner in rhyme. Gone too soon.

Free Download of the track Includes cover image and Lyrics. Gone but never forgotten. My you Rest In Peace my dear friend.

September 10, 2011

Peace to all who are still supporting The Rising Sun Quest here on Risingsunquest.com, I truly appreciate that. People have been asking what I've been up to since I haven't been posting on my social networks or doing any Live performances as of late. I also haven't released any new music since I recorded that Who's With Me? track. So I'm writing this note to put you on to what I've been working on and what you can expect from me in the near future.

My main focus as of late has been recording and engineering a full length album for my partner and fellow Antfarm Affiliate Expertiz. We recorded about 14 tracks for the album that will be titled "Exact Science". I'll keep you posted on that release. The entire album was produced by True Scribe and was recorded in my studio, "the Southern Cross"

I haven't recorded much Solo music lately but I have had my fair share of collaborations. So Here is a Quick list of collabs and where the tracks will land.

Coming Soon

Ex vs. Quest - Expertiz featuring Quest, Album: Exact Science, Release: to be determined
Too Slow - Maddsonn featuring Quest, Album: The Last Poet, Release: to be determined
Power The Fight - Sketch Tha Cataclysm featuring JK1 and Quest, Album: Indie Rappers Do It For Gas Money, Release: Sept 27th
Reality - Pruven Featuring Quest, Album: Eccentric Cohesion, Release: Mid September
The Convo - Jk1 featuring Expertiz and Quest, Album: When Fresh Was The Word To Say, Release: Dec 1st

My only solo release called I'll Rhyme Now which was produced by Dirt E. Dutch and Is featured on The "Audioware LP" which is a Compilation of tracks from various artists and Producers. The Producers of each track used sounds from Elasticbrand's Audioware collection that consist of porcelain jewelry / artistic wearable instruments. The Audoware Lp is available now for Digital Download HERE and the vinyl release is set for September 22. A concert is scheduled at the Museum Of Arts & Design in New york City on that vinyl release date and will include live performances from the artists who participated in the project including myself. Click here for more info on that. Well, Thats it for now. I'm gonna try to update this page a little more often and let you know as stuff get released.